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Kris Wilson 5 Years MLB pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees comes out of retirement to share his experience using our Baseball Precise-4001 with a rigorous long-toss session.

*Baseball Precise-4001: Original model is shown in the video, go here to view our current model

Video Transcript


  1. The Baseball Precise-4001 is exactly what you want.
  2. I came here today for my normal coaching session, to talk and long toss with a high school player.
  3. I was able to throw 200 feet, to 210 feet, long-toss, feeling no pain; just “good fatigue.” Little did I know, my pitching world would change in one afternoon.
  4. During long toss I felt no stress on my inner shoulder, and I haven’t been keeping in baseball shape; maintaining my arm strength as usual. Arm wise I feel way better than I thought I would.
  5. Instructing to youth player: Take your time 6 good throws is better than 10 average ones!
  6. One day I want to throw off the pitcher’s mound to see how it feels with the pitching aid on, and 15 to 20 pitches after I take it off.
  7. Definitely believe in it as a pitching training tool for keeping everything compact when you throw, and also reducing injuries to the inside, and top of the shoulder.